Wednesday, April 29, 2009

enjoying the wait

From Ruby and Esme

We are finally done with our illustration samples with text and are now waiting...for a word or better, a green light. No matter what happens we are in LOVE with this project and know it has wings. Can't wait to show you more.

Last Friday, Kathie and I spoke to a local group of senior artists called the Palette Club. We showed our work, talked about process and shared with them our back and forth project Ruby and Esme. Both of us had grins on our faces from the time we arrived and for days after the event. They were all so excited for us, told us what great "girls" we were and to keep up the good work. They wished us deep luck for this book and our long lives ahead (keep in mind we are not spring chickens) but...on second thought, maybe we are. Thank you members of the Palette Club, we adored our time with you.


Bernadette Noll said...

That's cool! How come I never heard about that? That's good stuff.

And yes indeed this project has wings. Big, beautiful flowing strong wings.

And legs too.

blinds and shades Atlanta said...

One word for this embroidered illustration - SWEET. Boy holding girls hand is something awesome to see...excellent work.

burglar alarm Houston said...

Indeed, this looks like you guys are working on good project that Palette Club appreciated. Best of luck and hope you come out with the best.