Friday, June 6, 2008

Friend Friday - Eight by Eight cont.

January finished piece by Daria! So beautiful.

This is a continuation from last Friend Friday's project eight by eight. If you missed the first one you can scroll down or read it here. Again, big thanks to Blair and Daria for sharing such an inspirational way to connect and create! This week we hear from Daria Penta about her take on eight by eight.

"My favorite eight by eight project is whichever one I'm working on at the moment, which sounds coy but is true! Each month so far, I've had a very specific vision of the finished piece in my head -- either from preparatory sketches or from a sudden mental "click" as I started working with the materials -- & while I can't say that the end result has always exactly matched each month's imaginary splendor, I'm absolutely finding that with every project I'm stretching a little this way, a little that way, trying out new techniques & challenging my usual comfort zones. Right now May, with lots of embroidery, is my definite favorite. Until I get my June box. (That said, I am still really proud of my sewn wood grain from January - pictured above.)

Eight by eight is more about process than product for me. I find small projects with strict boundaries to be very freeing, creatively speaking, & having no control over my material palette is a fun twist. On top of everything else, the size is just about perfect -- I have ongoing fantasies of joining in all sorts of cool swaps that are out in the craft blog world, but in the end, a tiny little project that takes me a couple of days & I don't have to send anywhere is more my speed right now."

Thanks ladies!!! Be sure to visit the links below to see the upcoming eight by eight projects and to keep up with Blair and Daria!

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Kathie Sever said...

bah!! i love that!

carrie said...

Completely fantastic! I'm so inspired. Thanks for sharing your creations.

Bernadette said...

Anytime I hear someone say, "it's more about the process than the project" I feel it is artistry at it's purest. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Liz in Ink said...

Sewn wood grain?!?!?!?!