Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ruby and Esme - Oh how I love thee!

I am so excited! This book has reached a point where the manuscript and the illustrations are unified in the most perfect way! It's all coming together exactly how I wanted it too and I can barely stand the waiting. I wish we could show you everything but then that wouldn't be much fun. But as a little sneak peek we have decided to show you the beginning of the story (below) and one of kathie's latest painstakingly intricate embroidered illustrations (above). Kathie now has a stack of these that are each as lovely as the next, and once you see the final story mixed with kathie's work you will understand how incredibly heartfelt and meaningful this book has become.

Kathie and I are now working on the manuscript together and we have begun the editing process with our good friend Liz. We are meeting this Thursday for final sketches and manuscript tweaks. I'm bringing a lot of information I have gathered on self publishing vs. traditional publishing and then we will be sent back to our corners until our next scheduled date for the big final push! Stay tuned!

Ruby and Esme

“I don’t want to walk home by myself,” sighed Esme.
“Take my hand,” smiled Ruby. “We’ll walk together.”
And so they walked, back and forth and back and forth, because neither one wanted to walk home alone.

“I like your striped socks,” said Esme
“Thanks, I knit them myself. I like your monkey socks!” laughed Ruby “Want to trade?”
And they did. One each.


Kathie Sever said...

full steam ahead, matey!
soooooo excited. so. there.

Liz in Ink said...


Bernadette said...

I was lucky enough to witness the process of that creation and though it was incredibly and mind numbingly intricate it never once seemed tedious or overwhelming in Kathie's hands.

Can't wait.

Shannon Lowry said...

Wait until you see the one that took her 11 hours just to embroider 50 words. I love it so much it hurts.

carrie said...

Total Goodness.
Love it all.

Average Jane Crafter said...

oh my! oh my! oh my!


Panjo Kids said...

Love it. LOVE! Can't wait to see more...