Wednesday, April 23, 2008

got the chance to play around with some paint this weekend- the kids were (GASP!!!) out of town and i got. the. whole. saturday. to. myself. my. self. ohmygoditwasfantasssssssstic.
i had no idea of the impact and finite-ness (not a word) of the end-of-day-phenomenon. MEANING: knowing the work day ends at one o'clock, or maybe two o'clock, makes it so much harder to approach a project truly open. The hours feel both overly precious AND futile in their limits. because you know you want to get a sense of accomplishment in your day, you maybe cut corners, or rush to try to force results. and then sometimes, well, sometimes you don't even try because it seems a bit hopeless.
but to start a day knowing it's all yours- ah, it's epic. and beautiful. and, well, it was over very, very, quickly.


Average Jane Crafter said...


That's all I can say.


(well, and that's some darn fine paintin' there, too)

but mostly jealous.

Bernadette said...

oh man, I'm gonna get me one of them weekends.

Anonymous said...

I tell y'all what- bring the lot of 'em over here for a weekend. What the hell. The more the merrier! I'll get Grandma to help and we'll be just fine. One big sleepover/campout/kidparty weekend. Eh?