Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friend Friday - back and forth diorama!

Who knew?! I honestly have to say a back and forth diorama was a complete surprise. I love it! From Chicago to Tulsa and back, it looks like whatever is ahead for those two little people, they can handle if they're together. I'm curious, where will the jewelry be? Here is what Al has to say about the project:

My name is Al Pagano and I am working on something with Kristine
Youngblood, a girl who I like very much but who lives in Chicago, while
I moved back to my hometown of Tulsa six months ago. This idea was
Kristine's and the "back and forth" concept was inspired by your site.
We wanted to work on something together, despite the distance, and we
decided on the idea of a little scene inside a box that we could both
add too and develop into its own little world. In this case, it's a
very small jewelry box. She began it, sent it to me, and I added the
second elements. Not sure if this one's complete yet or not, Kristine
has it now so its her move. We plan on doing more of these. Thanks for
the inspiration. Creativity will prevail!


Bernadette said...

Oh man I LOVE that. And I love the name Al Pagano. It's like the names I grew up with in New Jersey.

Kathie Sever said...

that is SO cool!