Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blankity blank

i love painting over bad paintings. it's easier if they're not your own paintings, but it's more cathartic if they are. so here we have the same canvas that i posted last week. but now not only is it all ready for something new and full of potential, but it has a secret. it has a layer. a little bit of ye old "if at first" weathered wisdom.
i've always loved that aspect of painting. it's kind of like how many licks does it take to get to the inside of a tootsie pop- but in reverse. and not as hard on your teeth.
i'll let you all author your own metaphors about life from this, they seem almost too cliche to type, but hell, they're true, eh?
here's to layers. and learning to die to the past while allowing it's lessons to inform our present.
well i did say ALMOST to cliche to type. sorry. couldn't help myself.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

got the chance to play around with some paint this weekend- the kids were (GASP!!!) out of town and i got. the. whole. saturday. to. myself. my. self. ohmygoditwasfantasssssssstic.
i had no idea of the impact and finite-ness (not a word) of the end-of-day-phenomenon. MEANING: knowing the work day ends at one o'clock, or maybe two o'clock, makes it so much harder to approach a project truly open. The hours feel both overly precious AND futile in their limits. because you know you want to get a sense of accomplishment in your day, you maybe cut corners, or rush to try to force results. and then sometimes, well, sometimes you don't even try because it seems a bit hopeless.
but to start a day knowing it's all yours- ah, it's epic. and beautiful. and, well, it was over very, very, quickly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

what will our language LOOK like?

when we talked about the idea of starting this blog, it was shannon and my hope to not only feature and honor the back and forth projects of others, it was also to document the creation and birth of a self published children's book. we wanted to provide glimpses into the process- which at the time of the blogs first post, was almost exclusively narrowed down to creating the artwork to accompany the words.
shannon had long ago finished her story- save for minor tweaking and a word change here and there.
but the great unknown that we intended to share with the world was, at that point, well, an awful lot about ME and my work and process. having taken a hiatus from the world of Art (with a capitol A), i was eager and joyfully anticipating the idea of really digging deep and making the perfect artistic companion piece to buoy and capture shannons words.
and so i got started.
and i would excitedly bring forth whatever tidbit i'd scrounged the time to produce.
and we would document the latest endeavor and post photos to the blog, etc...
after a period of time,
and some more time,
and a little more time,
i realized that the amount of exposing that was going on, before i had what i felt was a fleshed out idea of the RIGHT visual language, was muddying up the place from which i was approaching the project.
i was starting to confuse the project and the product, meaning i was wrapping myself up in the idea of the PRODUCT, or the finished piece. i was losing connection to the PROJECT, or the evolving creation. subconsiously i had let the (loving and supportive) input of friends and others start to dictate the moments of creation. would i please those who were essentially holding their own hopes and expectations for this project? would i capture an aesthetic that was similiar to shannons?? could i fluidly blend her own unique mix of modernhipcoollovelysweetspaciousclean?
ahhh! labels!! not helpful.
so where i came to and what i've realized is this:
there is a time and a place for back and forth, and then there is a time and a place for holding a space that is devoid of external influences, or as devoid of those influences as we will allow it to be. to watch something unfold unto itself, without attaching much to it, but staying present in the act of creating. holding ones cards close, i think you might call it. introspection.
all told, i think i'll hold back from posting pictures of works in progress for a while is i guess what i'd like to say.
instead, i'd like to do a bit more writing about what is happening, and leave the pictures for later.
we'll just have to wait and see what happens!
what WILL this language look like? hmmmmmm..........

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ruby and Esme update

Here is a peek at the latest stage of Ruby and Esme. Kathie and I haven't even had time to sit down and talk but we are setting
up a meeting for next week to catch up. I know that Kathie has a vision that will add to these images but I think they are perfect! Funny how Kathie's scrap sketches are equal to my finished pieces! I revised the manuscript trimming out a few more unnecessary words that will hopefully make the story flow a bit better. And wouldn't it be dandy if this could be an old school cloth book! It won't, because that would not be affordable or sustainable...but it would be lovely!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friend Friday - back and forth diorama!

Who knew?! I honestly have to say a back and forth diorama was a complete surprise. I love it! From Chicago to Tulsa and back, it looks like whatever is ahead for those two little people, they can handle if they're together. I'm curious, where will the jewelry be? Here is what Al has to say about the project:

My name is Al Pagano and I am working on something with Kristine
Youngblood, a girl who I like very much but who lives in Chicago, while
I moved back to my hometown of Tulsa six months ago. This idea was
Kristine's and the "back and forth" concept was inspired by your site.
We wanted to work on something together, despite the distance, and we
decided on the idea of a little scene inside a box that we could both
add too and develop into its own little world. In this case, it's a
very small jewelry box. She began it, sent it to me, and I added the
second elements. Not sure if this one's complete yet or not, Kristine
has it now so its her move. We plan on doing more of these. Thanks for
the inspiration. Creativity will prevail!