Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friend Friday - back and forth from LA!

I received my back and forth card back from Kimb. This was so fun. I felt like I was back and at camp receiving a care package. I can see this turning into a one-up situation. Kimb made me two pieces of jewelry mixed in with the best quote I've seen in a long time, japanese band aids and the most adorable stickers. My turn!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friend Friday - back and forth book and quilt

Today's friend friday project is from the famous Deborah Bean. This is the delux version of the back and forth card, a back and forth book and a quilt! Read what Deborah had to say about this project below. Thanks Deb!!!

"This is the beginnings of our 'friendship quilt,' although we
haven't officially named it that. Maggie is my best friend from
college, and ever since marriage and kids we hardly ever see each
other. This project actually started from another one which we've
been doing for a long time, which is just a sort of continuous
letter. I purchased a commercial product designed for that purpose,
basically sending a little book back and forth, each person writing a
letter or note each time and including anything else you want, like
pictures. So one time I received the book and it had a quilt square
in it, and Maggie had written that we ought to make a quilt together,
while apart. We decided to actually make TWO quilts- one for each of
us- so what we do is make two identical squares, and then keep one
and send one to the other person with each exchange of the book. So
it saves postage, as we aren't mailing a whole heavy quilt back and
forth, and when we finish, we will both have something to keep. There
is no grand scheme for the quilt, colors or theme or anything, but
several of the squares so far are made from fabrics that are
significant to us one way or another. One square (that's still in
progress) is made from fabric I used for her twins' baby blankets.
Knowing us, it might take our lifetimes to finish it, but it's fun
having it in the back of my mind, thinking about what I might do for
the next square."

Monday, March 10, 2008

nesting doll swap-o-rama!

How fun is this?!

Even though this is among friends-to-be, I think it falls into
the back and forth realm. Abbey is having a nesting doll swap, read about the details here. I heard about this via poppytalk and immediately signed up. I have been coveting nesting dolls for a long time and can't wait to receive my unique batch! Anyone can participate.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back and Forth is on 52 projects!

Jeffrey Yamaguchi of 52 projects posted about back and forth. There is an endless stream of projects to stimulate your mind and be sure to check out Jeffrey's bio and his book Working For The Man and his other book 52 projects. Thanks Jeffrey!