Friday, February 15, 2008

Friend Friday - loving hands quilt

A back and forth project between many friends. This will eventually be a quilt for one of our best girl pals Sarah and her sweet sweet baby girl. But why do you have to have a baby to get a quilt like this? I want one! Don't you?! The box is passed around and it has everything one needs to trace and embroider their own hand. I'm pretty sure this was started by kathie. When she returns from her trip I'll be sure to get her to chime in.


Average Jane Crafter said...

SO COOL! Man, I love love love this idea.

Liz in Ink said...

I have to admit that my hand was one of the first sewing projects I've ever tackled and liked in the end. We gotta get this puppy polished up and give it to Sarah!!!!!

Bernadette said...

Maybe the little baby girl can take it to college with her!!! That Kathie Sever is one crafty creator, that's for sure. If only all her friends could sew as fast and timely as she!