Wednesday, February 6, 2008

blank blankness.

so, friend one casually one day says to friend two:
"I'm thinking maybe you could do some art stuff for this book I've written?"
friend one, in an equally casual manner, retorts:
"oh, totally. that'd be fun."

time goes by, and at random moments the topic of the book, and it's art, is broached. casually.

"yeah, I'm definitely into that. i just need to clear a little space in my schedule."
"oh I've got lots of ideas of the kinds of drawings i could do."
"are we talking about deadlines?"

delay. pause. procrastinate.

friend one becomes less casual, and more and more, well, professional. weird. a deal is made, a partnership forged.

friend one is now waiting. friend one, who jumped off the cliff- trusting that friend two would lovingly lift and support this little piece of friend ones soul, this piece that is currently in free-fall.

starting is hard. starting after a years long hiatus from anything not sewing related, is super hard.
I'm still in shock that I've been given the gift of collaborating on this project. this story that shannon has written is so touching and sweet and I'm sort of afraid i might mess the purity of it all up. she's done her work, now it's time to do mine.



tag, I'm it!!


Shannon Lowry said...

friend one in complete loving trust of friend two. there is no messing this up - it's a big collaborative art experiment! Wanna trade socks?!

Kathie Sever said...

mine are stinky....... but okay.

Bernadette said...

Back and forth.

Question: How can you go wrong? Answer: You can't.

Bernadette said...

And by the way, blank blankness is a far cry better than dark darkness.

lynnh said...

the canvas will be filled, soon enough.
can't wait.