Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ruby and Esme's doll

This is our Ruby and Esme topsy-turvy mascot doll made by the oh-so-
talented kathie Sever.

Little Ruby and Esme has been keeping me
company in my studio for over a year now waiting patiently for her
debut! So, world, here she finally is!

Topsy-Turvy dolls have been around since the early 1900's.
They have long been used for story telling and as friendship
dolls. I don't know a single little or big girl who doesn't utterly adore topsy-turvys.

In our book, the characters Ruby and Esme also love this
doll as she plays a major roll in their friendship. In homage to Ruby and Esme's doll, we've tucked away a surprise project in the book. I can't wait!


Katie said...

Sweeeeet, love the Ramonster dress on the dolls!unxra

joanna said...

Pretty. Pretty.

Anonymous said...

I found you guys thru Poppytalk and I'm so glad I did. I moved away from home for college 9 years ago and left behind my BFF. I ended up moving to my hubby's home state so we're still 3 hours apart. We both just had little ones (10 days apart) and I'd love to create a topsy turvy doll for the girls. I'm not a bit crafty but grams and great-grams are (thank goodness). Can you point me in the direction of good directions to follow or a pattern? I'll totally be following your exciting journey...good luck!

shannon lowry said...

Hi Carla,

thank you for cheering us on! We're in the process of creating the pattern that will eventually accompany the book, but I did find this link:
Be sure to submit whatever you make to us so we can post it on Friend Friday!