Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inspiration for Ruby and Esme

Ruby and Esme is a story about a treasured friendship between two girls that is full of crafty reciprocity.

When I first wrote it I had just moved away from Los Angeles to Austin leaving behind one of my best girls Kimb. The story's inspiration was about me missing Kimb and thinking about what kind of friends we would have been at seven or eight. Above is a picture of Kimb and I with our babies right before I moved seven years ago. There are some friends you meet that you immediately know you were friends for a long time before you ever met.

Still missing you Kimbiny!

And here is what a couple of friends have been so kind to say about the story:

I love your story. Your story makes me think about the
best friend every girl wants (and maybe had or doesn't have) and how having
the doll can give that girl something to hold onto and something to pour her
love into - even if she doesn't have the friend to share it with.

Jeez- I am bawling! The story is so great!!!!! Makes me
realize how much it killed me when my elem school Best Pal -Cat Smith
moved to the city school-all of 15 minutes away but not the same school.
Brilliant! Fantastic! Wonderful! Gloriously girl in feeling, action
and word!
Sarah B

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Paulette said...

awwwwww! i love the picture of you and kimb and the little ones sans riley. i didn't know this was your inspiration, that is so sweet. we have to get you girls together again soon. btw, pretty nifty blog. xo, xo, cookie