Friday, February 1, 2008

Friend Friday - Round Robin Press' back and forth project

I am really excited to announce my back and forth project and it is one that I am actually going to add to the Round Robin Press line. In fact it launched this weekend at the NY Gift Show. It's another idea I've been sitting on for months and finally pushed it through because of this blog so THANK YOU for commenting and showing your support! It really helped me to get this done. Here is what this back and forth card is all about:


A 4 panel accordion folded card to be
passed back and forth between friends!

With sustainability in mind, we have included
one 10" x 13" 100 % recycled envelope
Fold the envelope in 4 ways to mail back and
forth 4 times. Then, peacefully decide who
gets to keep the card and the cool envelope
adorned with stamps and stickers!

1 4 panel card
1 10”x13” envelope
4 seals
+ lots of thought!

This should be available in the next few weeks to buy in stores and in my online shop. And here is a really cool link that can give you all kinds of ideas of how to embellish what's inside, the card, and the envelope! Mail Art!

I am inviting Kimb, hi kimbiny!, to do this back and forth card with me. I'll post pictures of what happens to the card as it travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Austin!


Liz in Ink said...

Swoon swoon swoon!!!
Smelling salts, please!

Bernadette said...

OhmygoodnessSHANNON!!! I want one as soon as they're ready!!!

xo Bernadette

sharon said...

Simply amazing. I want one too!